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Coaching & Cocktails

Tina Peratino and Brandi Adams

Don't get weird, use your head and everything will be OK! Center Stage Athletics coaches, Tina and Brandi, discuss all things life, health, fitness, nutrition, training, the pursuit of athletic endeavors and the mind-body-spirit connection through it all. We get into some hard topics and real issues facing us all as we share our own experiences with a light-hearted twist (of lime) and a side of humor, realism, and sometimes even a little science!We're not here to give you the same old, dry (albeit useful) information. We're realists and have big thoughts about the mental and emotional aspect of all of life's challenges and triumphs. Let's just say we've been through it and now we want to share it! Sit back, have a listen and a laugh and realize that you are 100% in control and definitely not alone in the things you may be struggling with.

Recent Episodes

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